Trying to unlearn all I thought I knew about nutrition….

My beliefs around nutrition were formed growing up in the 70’s and 80’s when we were told fats were bad, cereals were healthy and a myriad of other untruths. I’ve been on a discovery mission over the couple of years trying to wrap my head around the latest science behind nutrition, the microbiome and how our food choices influence everything from our mood and energy levels to our risk of developing chronic disease. There are many scientific papers, books and podcasts out there. My go to guru is Tim Spector, I thoroughly recommend listening to this podcast episode with Tim and Steven…

Changes I’ve made over the last year or so as a result of my research:

* greatly increasing the variety of plant based foods in my diet

* avoiding all ultra processed food

* reducing my intake of simple carbs

* eating fermented foods

* practising time-restricted eating where I fast for a minimum of 14 hours overnight

* eating my food in a certain order or combining different types of food to reduce blood sugar spikes

* thinking more about the nutritional value of food rather than focussing on calories

* eating more healthy fats

* trying to eat more slowly

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